Help your Car help you stay Organized


It is about time to make your Car an Organized Extracurricular Vehicle! We have compiled 3 different lists so make sure to keep updated with us and check frequently as the lists come on our blog! Deep cleaning, organizing, & a list of car essentials as your car kit

When you are on the go 24/7 it is important to make sure that the vehicle you drive is efficient. The more structured our car is organizationally, the more it will help your life on a daily basis. Here are some incredible hacks, tips and tricks on how you can achieve this on a budget & keep things handy at the same time.

Cleaning Hacks:

  1. Take a tooth brush to get the little areas that are hard to reach enhanced-buzz-23880-1436974919-5
  2. Use a cloth and a screw driver to get the gunk out of creases in the vehicleFH05MAR_CLECAR_09
  3. Take a spray bottle and a vacuum attachment or squeegee and spray and wipe w a cloth to easily pick up animal hair.enhanced-buzz-11678-1436973860-7
  4. Use cupcake liners for the cup holders to prevent gunk and crumbs from lining the bottom of your cups. Easier to take out and clean too! Source from PenelopeLoveslist.com8e7e6348f7edb778358271629ba4e99b
  5. Use a wet sponge brush to get into the vents and clean out dust. car3
  6. Always clean your car from the top to the bottom to prevent having to vacuum multiple times. Goo gone is the best tool for cleaning the car. Vegetable oil helps get dust off the dash when wiped off with a coffee filter.cleaning9
  7. To help with the scent, take an essential oil kit and spray them on craft balls that you can buy at your local craft store. Glue the balls on a clothespin and attach to the vent. Never have to buy car spray again! You can also buy a mason jar, poke holes in the bottom and put pieces of your favorite scented candle in the jar. As the car heats up the smell will fill the air in the car. Brilliant!
  8. Invest in a car seat liner for your back seat of your car if you have animals or small kids that tend to make a mess. Go to pieces by Polly for one just like this. 6946eb4660c6443b0c744e5f15053e36
  9. Buy a cereal holder and line it with a trash bag in order to keep trash off the floor and away
  10. .bdad81423ad208b77f36ead16542955f

Check back with us next week for organizing hacks updated on the blog!!

Organizing Hacks:

  1. Entertainment seat organizers like this are awesome. You can buy them at http://www.ajennuinelife.com/2013/04/sew-vivor-challenge-2-seat-back.html
  2. Behind every seat set up a bag for placing any extra items that are brought along with your passengers. You can store wipes, coloring books, tablets, snacks, etc inside this nifty little bag.  
  3. Keep a stylish tote in your car where you can place all your kids favorite toys and items for the car rides during the week.  https://craftapple.wordpress.com/2008/07/01/the-car-organizer-pattern/
  4. Side car travel bag can be bought on Amazon to make use of extra space that normally wouldn’t be utilized. https://www.amazon.com/Docooler-Vehicle-Storage-Backseat-Organizer/dp/B00GJ9R4FU?ie=UTF8&ref_=sr_1_21&tag=foodtipscouk-20
  1.  Attach cloth organizers in your visor areas for better use of storage. Easily grab kleenex’s or wipes from convenient spaces like this.
  2.  Take an accordion file and put all your essential car insurances and registration into the accordion for easy keeping. You can also have a 2nd accordion file for your errands in order to keep your paperwork separated and not worry about them flying out the window.
  3. Place all your essential items in a 31 bag or organizing bag in your car.
  4. Set up a functional space like this where you can divide things in the back of your car for extracurricular items like sports equipment etc.
  5. When the kids have to-go food in the car, little dollar store shower caddies like this help keep everything secure and help eliminate spills.
  6. Way too much change? Take a bubble gum container and collect all your extra change in it so that it is easily accessible to pour into your hand when finding the correct change.  
  7. Seat covers with pockets can be very handy with multiple users in the back seat!

Items you should keep in your car:






















30 days of Purging your house- Week 4 Updated!

We have concocted a plan for the procrastinating Home Owner. The summer is over. People have left your house. And somehow, even after the company has left and the fun has ended, you find yourself seeing way too much clutter and stuff to the point where it is becoming difficult to put things away or find things. Well now that school is back in session it is time to do the thing that your material possessions dread the most: purging the house.

Yes, you heard right- Purging. In order to really find simplicity and a nice balance in your home life, you must get rid of the old in order to see what you need and welcome the new. Believe me when I tell you, I get so excited about cleaning & organizing when it comes time to purge my house. Once we have this list done, then I am posting how we will organize each and every room so STAY TUNED! You will feel accomplished at what you have done and excited to shop for what you have realized you need. While you are purging make sure you have what we like to call:

The Replacement list.

This list helps you to keep track of what you need to replace the things you are getting rid of. You may not need to replace everything you may find you actually still have too many of the same thing. But for your personal needs so that you don’t forget it is a good idea to have this list. This will enable you to buy a little at a time without breaking the bank account (just make sure you don’t lose it).

This should not take you any more than 30 minutes a day (depending on the size of your household) The point is to do a little at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself! If you need any help, make sure to call us or make an appointment on our website www.orderyourplace.com and we will do a free virtual phone consultation.

Now, here we go with the purging!


Week 1: Make sure to do this to all the rooms


  1. Clothes that are too small or never worn (If you have a hard time knowing make sure to turn the hanger the opposite direction and flip it when you have worn it once. You will be able to tell what has not been touched in your next purging)
  2. Clothes that have holes, rips, fades, tears or stains
  3. Unpaired socks that for some reason you cannot find to save your life.
  4. Shoes that you haven’t worn in ages or are too small for your kid
  5. Untouched hats, jewelry or scarves that are old & unused.
  6. Old stained, holey towels that you know you don’t need for cleaning
  7. Underwear that is ready for retirement
  8. Collect all expired foods from your fridge & throw away.
  9. Collect all expired spices & foods from your pantry and throw away. If they aren’t expired then donate if you won’t eat them.
  10. Match your Tupperware and throw away all those lids!
  11. Put any utensils or plastic that you have acquired from fast food that is of excess and purge.
  12. empty out all cabinets and eliminate dishes or items you never use or that have gone out of style. Give to a charity or sell in a garage sale.
  13. Empty out all frozen foods and meats that have frostbite.
  14. Eliminate plastic bags or go plastic-less!




Week 3:

15. Go through the drawers and take out anything expired

16. Look through all your lotions and makeup. Chuck the ones you haven’t used in ages.

17. Clean out your medicine cabinet with all expired products

18. Eliminate towels or any beauty product that you may not want or have not used since you last updated.

19. Go through the kids bathroom and eliminate all old products.

20.  Update any products that you are low or empty on if there is no back ups.

21.Dust all areas of your bathroom to make sure it is as clean as it is organized.


Week 4:

22. Empty out the miscellaneous drawers in your home

23. Put the items from miscellaneous drawers in shoe boxes organized by their purpose

24. Buy very affordable bins or organizing drawers to put miscellaneous items in

25. Clean out miscellaneous closet spaces and put items in boxes

26. Take boxes and trash or donate unused items

27. Clean out any item in laundry room that is empty, unused or expired

28. Take items in laundry room that are of use and put them in baskets over washer and dryer

29. Trash items that you have not used in garage or donate

30. Utilize storage hanging and cabinet equipment for items that have no place in the garage.

Get “Back to school” Ready in 6 steps

Preparing the family for a new school year can be quite the task. It can become over whelming if you wait to do everything in one day at the last minute.  That is why the important thing to do is not wait til the last minute and spread everything out by days so that everything is not overlooked. In order to get things together we have made the perfect step by step back to school 6 step/day checklist.

1: Make a schedule- You are about to have a new routine for this upcoming school year. New wake up time, new bedtime and all that is in between. You have to be able to survive the 1st week of school so it may be best to get your family adjusted to the new times that go with it. Also, make sure that you schedule to have time for homework and extracurricular activities. An awesome App that many families use is the Codi App.


2: Back to school supplies- Look at the class list and then look through what you already have. If you have it, great! Check that off the list to buy for the school year. If not, then take the list to the store with coupons. Make sure that their binders are organized and functional to where they can easily store notes, homework and papers by class.


3:  Back to school Clothing- Look through their drawers at what they already have so that you know what they need. Need vs Want is the name of the game. Get rid of the worn out items that are too small and donate them or sell them at consignment stores. It also helps to plan out their outfits so that you have one less thing dragging your morning down.


4: Lunch Box day- you need to get them the right materials, lunch boxes and cold containers for their lunches. Pinterest is a great way to find healthy snack items for them to have for their lunch and have variety to eat for the week. Here is a list on how to organize your pantry for school lunches.


5: Homework station & Back pack ready- It’s always great to have a place for the kids to hang their backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes & sport equipment. Analyze your house and try to find a good spot to do that. Set up a little niche like this:

ed92935811a7d6998ca5d1e17680043313692535_1758812011042257_8048128396675738911_n (1).jpg

6: Enjoy the last day of summer as a family (but be in bed on their new bedtime J)

Closet After1

Control your closet chaos situation

Let’s all just go ahead and admit this. We like our clothes. We love to shop, to get great deals, to get the newest fashion & trends and be in season. But when you have 10 years of clothes and your kids have clothes in their drawers that fit them 2 seasons ago and are 2 sizes too small, you gotta admit you have to turn the clothes control flashes on!! Clothes chaos Alert! Clothes chaos Alert sirens are going on!!!  woooooooooop wooooopppp!

Now, for a moment- imagine not having to search for relevant and up to date clothing in your closets, at ease! Sounds great right?!

Well here are some ways to achieve this. And don’t worry, it’s not time consuming.

  1. Pick a week to do your clothes detox- 1 day per person in your household.
  2. Take 30 min and grab 3 bags- 1 for donation, 1 for garage sale/fb, and a pile for the saves. These are the piles you will decide per item
  3.  Go in the drawer you use the LEAST. And the part of your closet that is the least touched and start there. Believe me, you will feel a sense of immediate accomplishment.
  4. When picking, don’t let memories keep you from detoxing. If you have a photograph of the event it’s gone. If you haven’t worn it in YEARS what is thge purpose of keeping it? To look at? Make it a quilt if the material is that reminiscing but get it off a hanger or out of your drawers
  5. put anything with holes, fades, washed out, or shrunken items in the donate or trash pile. Someone else can enjoy them for $1 at the local Goodwill.
  6. Pick your top items of that clothing item category, and make sure those go back in your drawers.
  7. A good rule of thumb on seeing what hasn’t been touched when you do this again, (because you will) is to turn the hangers around and when you have used them, flip the hanger. If it hasn’t been used, it doesn’t make the cut.
  8. Have your kids help on their day. Theirs is a little easier because they grow out of it.


This is best done at the end of every season when you would typically change out your drawers and buy more clothes in anticipation of the climate change. It really is a great feeling to do a clothing detox. It feels good, looks great & you don’t feel overwhelmed by your material items in your life!


If you have a large project that is difficult to handle and you need help we are always available to do it with you! Just contact us and schedule an appointment


School projects taking over the house!! HELP!

It is the summertime. Your kids have advanced into the next grade. They have engaged in various art activities, school projects, tests and report cards throughout the year. And guess where allllll those have gone— into your home cluttering tables, creating piles, & making it impossible to get rid of.

The second that you start to sift through your kids work of art and schoolwork you are overwhelmed. You feel bad if you throw it away because honestly, you don’t want to get rid of it all. But if we kept every. single. project our kids did over the course of 18 YEARS you can believe that your house can get a little cramped. It is inevitable, some things have got to go. Some of the better things have to stay. So how do you achieve that without your kids crying? How do you organize the ones you keep?

So here are some tips on how to eliminate the clutter but keep the best work from your kids in the most organized fashion:

1. Search through your home and collect ALL the different places you may have put schoolwork. Got it? Good. Now go through it one. Pile. at a time.

2. Divide the piles up by children- maybe use this time to create a special moment with your kid and really acknowledge and pat them on the back one more time. Let them know that they have to pick the best projects or art and that those are what you will keep in their School box scrapbook. If you let them decide, then it makes it easier on you!

3. Consolidate into one stack per kid for the year & buy a storage box to put all your artwork in for each kid. Label it “Jessie’s 1st Grade Memories”

4. When it comes time that you want to make those memories even better at flipping through, then you can collaborate and design them into a scrapbook. Having a scrapbook made isn’t necessary but if you have time it helps organize their cute masterpieces in a fashion where they flow from beginning of the school year to the last day of school. Great for you to look back on when they are all grown up!!!

If you would like more organizing tips in the form of scrap booking and memory boxes please like our page on Facebook and look for new ideas to help make your life easier!! If you feel your project is too big to tackle, give us a call! We LOVE to organize!!




10 ways to get your life SUMMER Organized

Summer break- It has finally arrived!

So as the mom, you may be having mixed emotions on how you feel about this upcoming summer. You are both relieved you don’t have to get kids ready for school five days a week but also equally as hesitant to see or even fathom the idea of what your house will look like after the first week!! There are ways that you can get rid of the hesitation and anxiety though! It is as simple as getting SUMMER ORGANIZED. Take this promise from the mouth of a  professional organizer, it can happen!! We make miracles happen every day with hoarders, busy moms, working moms, busy dads and households all around!

Yes, this is possible. And once you have achieved it, it is manageable to maintain and keep up with! So, here goes nothing and it can be done in just 10 simple steps

1. Sift through the school work- You have adorable kids crafts, school projects, handwriting assignments, etc. ALL over the house scattered in a pile here, in a closet there. GET THEM ALL TOGETHER in the SAME place. ALL the piles & eliminate.

2. De-clutter everyone’s drawers & clothing closets- Get rid of the old and figure out what the new is for your families’ wardrobe. Too small or out of season? Chuck it in three different piles: The goodwill/donate pile, the hand-me- down pile, or the out of season pile. There is nothing more frustrating than your kid coming downstairs getting ready to leave in June with a LONG SLEEVE SHIRT on. (Seriously, what is wrong with them?!)

3. Your car- It has been through some tough love. School plays, recitals, sports, play dates, errands, etc. Your car needs some LOVE! We have blog posts coming soon about how to best organize your car for vacations so stay tuned!

4. The dreaded playroom- Another project for your kids to help out. Lay out another three piles: to donate, to trash, and to keep. Let your kids choose what they are going to give away to other kids that aren’t as lucky.

5. Put your toys in bins- its easier to tell the kids to clean up if you have bins designated for different types of toys. The more you make them accountable for their clean up before allowing another toy to get out, the better your lives and the less mess to clean!!

6. Make your garage your summer organization spot- I know my family always runs into this mess. We come back from the pool with our towels, noodles, pool toys, sandals, beach gear, beach bag with sunblock, and a cooler unloaded. If you haven’t already created a space for this, do it now! You can email me thanking me later ;) Check out our tutorials on how we achieved this as pros in our upcoming posts this summer!



7. Get hooks in your house- For keys, purses, bags, diaper bags, backpacks for the car to take on trips etc to hang. Have them accessible by your route to the car

8. Set up a calendar app on your phone and a reminder erase board-  for those weeks where literally EVERYTHING that could possibly happen is happening.

Some recommended apps: The Cozi Family & Google Calendar are some of the many awesome apps. We have some awesome organizing tips for scheduling as a family in our blog.

9. Clean out your pantry & fridge- Get rid of the expired junk in the kitchen. Update the house with snacks and have them organized so that you can grab and go! Here is an example of how you could transform your kitchen until we have a blog post in our before & after section8458a0055e77e509faa5c1f03c0e43fb.

10.  Mail & Bills- Get organized with your mail and bills by getting some shopping done at office depot to control your “Dump Zone”! We have many tips in our blog on how to “Tame the Drop Zone”

After that, ENJOY. If you want more tips, tricks or before and afters you can contact us or LIKE us on Facebook for help.